Rapeseed - Nancy Freund Literary fiction is not my thing. I go for more fast-paced paranormal YA. But I think it's a good thing to stretch my brain cells every once in a while and read something out-of-the-ordinary for me. And every once in a while I'm glad I did. Rapeseed made me glad to have read out of my comfort zone.

I give this book five stars because the writing was seriously stellar. The story wasn't perfect. I did have some issues with the characters and motivations and some threads I didn't really understand. But the writing carried me past that. There were so many moments when I stopped after reading a sentence and just shook my head at how well it was wrought. The dialogue, too, at times was witty and funny and dynamic. As a writer myself, this is the kind of word-crafting I fully admire. I will for sure check out other books Nancy Freund writes.