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Immersed: A Falling in Deep Collection Novella - Katie Hayoz
Yikes! I've been away from BookLikes and publishing for a long time.  But FINALLY I am back to both!   I intend to have several books see the light of day (or Amazon, actually) over the next few months.
The first is Immersed. I am soooo freaking excited about this novella.  I struggled like hell to write it, and struggled even more to describe it. But, in the end, I am super glad I brought Melusine and Levi to life.
Immersed is filled with things I love: Chicago, strange creatures, steampunk gadgets, a kickass heroine, seriously silly innuendo, tongue-in-cheek scenarios, characters drawn from medieval myth and a bit of romance.  I hope readers will enjoy this mashup.

What if love turned you into a monster?
Forget petticoats and demure female behavior. Melusine Doré prefers armored corsets and knives and slays evil creatures for a living. The grim and gruesome don’t frighten her; she’ll take on a cyclops or a dragon and not even break a sweat.  But when her rival, the charismatic Levi Cannon, comes to town, all her buried fears begin to surface.  Melusine realizes she is in danger of something much more horrifying than facing blood-thirsty beasts – she’s in danger of falling in love.  Because love alone has the power to reveal a secret terrible enough to completely shatter her world.

Set in the muddy streets of 1850s steampunk Chicago, Immersed is a stand-alone novella, but the first in a series of adventures that follow Melusine on her quest to rid the world of monsters…and her struggle to come to terms with every monstrous facet of herself.